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Physiotherapy involves the use of mechanical forces and movements to restore, maintain, and quality of life.

Fracture Rehabilitation

Fracture rehab is a comprehensive and individualized rehabilitation program that aims to assist patients in recovering from a bone fracture.

Women’s Health Physio

women's health

Women’s health refers to the medical, social, and emotional well-being of women throughout their lifespan.

WC & CTP Claim

We understand the impact that work-related injuries can have on your life, and we are here to help.

NDIS & HCP Homevisit

Led by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals, FunctionCare Physio takes a personalised approach to care and support.


Dietitians are experts in food and nutrition. They advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve specific health-related goals.

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology focuses on the study of the body’s responses to physical activity and the adaptation processes over time.